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What You Should Know Before Buying A Condo

If you’re interested in buying a condo, here are some helpful terms and things to consider.  No matter what, future condo homeowners should ask a few important questions when considering a unit:  Who runs the condo association? What are the rules and restrictions for living in the building? How much are the monthly fees and what do they cover? […]

What to Expect During A Closing: Buyers

A closing is when you, the buyer, sign the final ownership paperwork and officially, legally become the owner of your home! You will leave your closing with the home’s keys. Your closing date will likely be listed on the purchase and sale agreement you will sign after your offer is accepted. On average, closings are […]

Meet Your Homebuying Squad

This group of professionals will help you throughout the homebuying process. As you assemble your homebuying squad, consider working with all of these experts to make your home purchase confidently and with minimal stress.  Like an athletic team, each member of the homebuying squad plays a crucial role in helping you achieve homeownership.  MEET YOUR REALTOR®  On this team, you are […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding HOA Fees in Chicago

If you’re buying a condo or townhouse with commonly shared areas or amenities, the property is likely run by a homeowner’s association (HOA). The fees you pay to the association, otherwise known as HOA fees, go towards the ongoing and future maintenance of these amenities and spaces. Why Do HOA Fees Vary So Much? The […]

16 Helpful Inspection Report Questions For Buyers

Congratulations, your offer has been accepted! You now have entered the attorney review period. Typically, a home inspection is scheduled within five days of the accepted offer. An inspection report is an inspector’s documented recommendations and observations of the property’s potential need for repairs. Remember, your inspector’s job is to find any reasonably discoverable issues […]