Everything You Need to Know: Homeowners

Your home is likely your largest financial investment – and we’re here to help you protect it, maintain it and (ideally) increase its value. Here you’ll find tips and tools to help you navigate everything homeownership, from maintenance checklists to property taxes assessments and more.

  • Look Up Your Ward & Alderman/Alderwoman

    Chicago is composed of 50 wards. These legislative districts are represented by a publicly-elected official called an alderman/alderwoman. They serve two-year terms and are responsible for major city services and decisions within and on behalf of their ward. Look up your ward on the City of Chicago’s website!

  • Create A Long-Term Maintenance Plan

    Your inspection report will be a helpful resource when it comes to anticipating potential future repairs in your home. Create a long-term maintenance plan scaled by months and years, that way you minimize unhappy, expensive surprises. Check out our maintenance resource page for tips.

  • Establish An Emergency Fund

    Speaking of maintenance and repairs, do you have an emergency fund? Are you prepared to cover a couple months of basic home bills and expenses without an income? Set aside a savings fund for emergencies ONLY, and try to schedule a monthly transfer into that account. You never know when you’ll need it!

  • Know Your Property Tax Appeal Information

    Property taxes, property taxes, property taxes. Stay up-to-date on the city’s assessment schedule via Cook County’s website. It also lists quick links you’ll need if you decide to appeal. This is a great topic to contact your REALTOR® about if you have questions or concerns.

  • Get To Know Your Neighborhood

    Enjoy your new neighborhood! From restaurants to nightlife to monuments and tourist attractions, Chicago is a vibrant, diverse and exciting city to live in. Check out our neighborhood profiles for a primer on all things you need to know about your local neighborhood.

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