From the first open house to the last, use this handy checklist as a rubric for evaluating each potential property as your future home. The goal? To find the home that best fits your current and future needs without breaking the bank.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will help you feel more confident as you evaluate each property.  You can download the Buyer’s Checklist Infographic below!


Your REALTOR® will collect the seller’s paperwork applicable to the home which will be on display during the open house. This will help them answer questions about the specific property. Here are some to help you get started on your checklist:

  • Do you have permission to take pictures of the interior or exterior?

  • Are there any stated property disclosures?

  • How old are elements such as the windows and roof?

  • If there are stains on the ceiling, wall, or flooring, are there explanations for them?

  • Are there HOA fees?

  • What are the estimated utilities for gas, electricity, water, garbage, internet, and cable?


  • Are there ceiling fans?

  • How many electrical outlets? Are they located where you will likely need them?

  • What are the measurements of each room?

  • What appliances are included? How old are they?

  • Is there carpet? What’s underneath? Are the floors hardwood?

  • When were the floors/carpet last refinished or replaced?

  • How is the water pressure in the sink(s) and shower(s)?

  • Are there any leaks?

  • How quickly do you get hot water?

  • How many windows? How much natural light will the room get?

  • How much storage does the home have?

  • If there is an attic, does it have insulation?


  • Check the water runoff from gutters and spouts.

  • Does it have external lighting?

  • What are the property lines?

  • How is the street noise? What does traffic look like throughout the day?

  • What does foot traffic look like throughout the day?

  • If there is a yard, what items are included?

  • If there is a pool or hot tub, what is the maintenance history?

  • If there is a parking spot included, where is it?


  • What’s the proximity to gyms? Grocery stores? Work? Schools? Pharmacies?

  • What’s the proximity to highways and main roads?

  • Are there sidewalks? What is the walk score of your neighborhood?

  • Are there bike lanes on your street or nearby?

  • Do you have a parking space, driveway or garage included? If not, what is the street parking like?

We hope this checklist helps kickstart the exciting journey of finding your new home! Download the full checklist here.