• Do Your Research

    The housing market is constantly changing, and there are plenty of factors impacting the market. Do your research to find out what inventory looks like in your area, where mortgage rates are at and what other prices look like, to name just a few factors.

  • Find A Chicago REALTOR®

    Your Chicago REALTOR® will be the expert that guides you through your journey to sell your home. Don’t be afraid to interview multiple REALTORS® to find the one you connect with, as they’ll be a large part of the process. Start your search here.

  • Pinpoint a Price

    Work with your REALTOR® to find comparables, understand the market and price your home just right. It’s important to find the sweet spot!

  • Prepare Your Home

    First impressions are everything, and that goes for your home, too! Clean up, organize and stage your home so it’s ready for photos, open houses and tours. Your REALTOR® will also provide suggestions on how to make it picture-perfect for the sale.

  • Figure Out Your Marketing Plan

    Again, this is something that your REALTOR’S® expertise will help with, but you’ll have a hand in it, as well. Take the perfect shots of your home, write a detailed description of the space and neighborhood, and even do videos or virtual tours. A stand-out listing is important to gain traction online.

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