Couple moving couch

10 Things To Do When You Move Into a New Home

Congratulations! You’ve bought a new home. Move in, get comfortable and check off the items on this list for your personal security and preparedness. 

  1. If you haven’t already, set up your utilities. Call your water, electric, gas, sewer and garbage companies to start your services. 
  2. Update your address of important documents, like your driver’s license, credit card, banks and subscriptions, to name just a few, and make sure your mail is being forwarded from your old address to your new home.
  3. Change all of your locks. Call a locksmith out to get new locks in place. You never know who could have access to a spare of the original locks. Also, consider whether a security system is necessary for you and your family.
  4. Reset codes, like garage openers and gates. Similar to locks, you don’t know where a code might be floating around or who might have access to them. 
  5. Test fire and carbon monoxide detectors or install ones if there aren’t any. Make sure the batteries are fresh and ready to go. 
  6. Change your air filters to ensure better airflow and lower your home’s energy usage. Also, make sure to change your air filter every three months.
  7. Get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen and each floor of your home. Better safe than sorry! 
  8. Find your circuit box and label each breaker, so you’re not guessing if a problem comes up. 
  9. Find gas and water shut-off valves in case of a gas leak or a pipe breaks so you can handle the problem right away. 
  10. Check that everything on your inspection report was addressed. If they weren’t, reach out to your REALTOR® to let them know.

Then, get comfortable, set up your new space and have piece of mind knowing your new space is ready for you!