Row of Victorian style brick houses

4 Steps to Begin a Home Renovation Project

Whether you just bought a home and are looking to update the space to fit your needs, or you’ve lived in your home for years and notice wear and tear or your preferences have changed, you might be ready to change things up. Do you know where to start? Here are the steps to follow to begin the renovation process: 

Prioritize Your Wants & Needs 

During your project, you may not be able to have everything done you want. Does the space need a full renovation, or can you just update parts of your home? Deciding the extent of the project and what needs to get done versus what you would like to have done is great to determine a budget and cost later in the process. 

Get Inspired 

Envision what you want your new space to look like, and do research to get ideas of how to get there. Look into designs and make a list of what you’ll need to purchase to get the job done. This will also help you begin to get an idea of a budget, as you determine the cost of the materials you’ll need. Check out Pinterest or Houzz to get inspired.

Research Your Budget 

Next, do your research on budgets to get an idea of the extent of your project. Is a full renovation possible, or would a partial project be more ideal? Having a general idea of what materials and furnishings will cost will also help you figure out how much you can spend when hiring someone for the job. 

Decide How to Accomplish Your Project 

Is this a smaller project, like painting or refinishing something, that you think you can do on your own? Or will a professional need to be hired? Determine which direction you want to go. 

Hiring a professional will determine if the jobs gets done correctly and up to your standards. Start getting quotes from professionals. It’s best to get more than one, to determine the best person for the job at the right price.